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Download JFCUtil.jar 1.4.2 (not the latest version)


This is a Java API with utilities to work with files, strings and HTTP connections. Major supported functionalities are:

  • Conversion of HTML and PDF files to text files (there are examples about convertion of PDF to TXT and removing HTML tags)
  • "HTML Escape", for instance to clean a string
  • Recursive deletion of a directory; ZIP compression of directories and files. (there are examples about Directory deletion and Directory zipping)
  • Management of directories (existence, creation, emptying)
  • Splitting a text file in many files (e.g. giving the number of rows)
  • Reading/witing text files and Excel files (one or more columns) (there are examples about Parsing a text file)
  • Download files (with timeout)
  • Recursive search of a file in a directory
  • XML validation against a DTD
  • String cleaning utility: capitalization; formatting integers in a string composed on n digits; verifying if a string is a number; removing starting or ending spaces; removing special characters; etc.
  • Language codes traslations (ISO 639-1, ISO 639-2)
  • Execution of HTTP GET requests, for instance for de-referencing URIs
  • Execution of HTTP GET requests, following 3xx redirects (see the article HttpURLConnection and HTTP redirect