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Open Source Tools (GPL-3.0)

  • BIGBIOCL: software for efficient analysis of biological large datasets. As an example, BIGBIOCL can be used with DNA methylation data for the identification of drivers of tumors. It relies on Apache Spark MLlib and can be executed both on a single machine and on an Apache Hadoop YARN cluster.
  • AgroTagger: a CL application for web documents indexing, creating RDF triples that link a web URL to some URIs of a SKOS thesaurus. This application can be used together with a web crawler: the crawler discovers URLs, the AgroTagger assigns AGROVOC URIs to those URLs. In addition to that, titles and descriptions of Web resources can be extracted.
  • SemaGrow Recommender System: a CL software that computes meaningful combinations between some datasets federated by SemaGrow, and generates a new triplestore: the "Recommender Database". Recommender System was funded by SemaGrow FP7 EU Project. It computes meaningful combinations between two or more datasets federated by SemaGrow: the computation of combinations is based on the matching of AGROVOC URIs between datasets.

Librerie Java sviluppate

  • MergeXmlFiles Java application that allows merging a set of UTF-8 XML files having the same root element.
  • JFCUtil: Libreria Java di classi di utilità per lavorare con i files e con le stringhe (lettura, scrittura, zip, cancellazione, filtri...).
  • RDFBulkUpload Libreria che consente di inviare molteplici files RDF/XML ad un triplestore (Sesame, OWLIM, Allegrograph, Virtuoso).